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Seven New Dubai Rules and Laws From 2021

20 January 2022

The year 2021 was a year of change in Dubai. There were changes to laws and regulations on many fronts covering social issues, marriage, drug laws [..]

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7 Ways to raise funds for your company in the UAE

5 September 2021

For aspiring entrepreneurs, those with viable business ideas, and those who seek to level up their small businesses, raising capital can sometimes be difficult and complicated. [..]

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New Foreign Ownership Law: Landmark boost for UAE Competitiveness

17 June 2021

But what are the ins and outs of the new law?

SFM Corporate Services Dubai, digs into what the law means for investors and how the law will shape the UAE's future.

‘This month marks the start of a new era for the United Arab Emirates. From now on, foreign investors of any nationality will be allowed to own 100 percent of the shares of a mainland company. They will be able to establish their company anywhere in the UAE, without the need for a local partner to hold 51 percent of its shares. There will be just a few exceptions to the rule, in areas deemed of strategic national interest. Sectors that could be major beneficiaries of the rule change include contracting; vehicle, food, chemicals, electronics and textile trading; and food, garment, construction materials, cosmetics, electronics and equipment manufacturing and production.’

Read the full article here (https://www.arabianbusiness.com/comment/464617-new-foreign-ownership-law-landmark-boost-for-uae-competitiveness)

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