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Seven New Dubai Rules and Laws From 2021

20 January 2022

The year 2021 was a year of change in Dubai. There were changes to laws and regulations on many fronts covering social issues, marriage, drug laws [..]

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7 Ways to raise funds for your company in the UAE

5 September 2021

For aspiring entrepreneurs, those with viable business ideas, and those who seek to level up their small businesses, raising capital can sometimes be difficult and complicated. [..]

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Everything you need to know about the DMCC Free Zone

19 March 2020
The Dubai Multi Commodities Center or the DMCC is the World’s most interconnected Free Zone, which over 17,000 companies call home. The DMCC is a government entity established in 2002, created to enhance commodity trade flows to and through Dubai.

The free zone is dedicated as a global gateway to the Middle East with a vision to provide the physical market and financial infrastructure required to set up and operate a world class commodities marketplace. The commodities that are traded through this free zone are primarily, gold, silver, copper, diamonds, tea, pearl, agro, base metals, currencies, energy and equity.

The DMCC has been endorsed by the Financial Times fDi magazine for 5 years running, being labelled as the ‘Global Free Zone of the Year’. The attraction of company formation in this free zone has seen over 170+ companies being formed every month, 95% of which are new to Dubai. This makes the DMCC the World’s fastest growing free zone.

It is not only new companies that are forming in DMCC, big corporations have also seen the benefits of having a branch in the region. Big brand names including Alcatel Lucent MENA, American Express, Colgate-Palmolive, Dyson, Eurofin, John West Foods, LVMH, Nutricia Danone and TAG Worldwide are all registered in DMCC.

The DMCC provides everything a dynamic community needs to live, work and thrive and is also home to the Dubai gold and commodity exchange (DGCX), Dubai diamond exchange (DDE), Dubai Pearl Exchange (DPE) and the Dubai Tea Trading Centre (DTTC).

Incorporating a company in the DMCC has many benefits including:

The Infrastructure

The DMCC ecosystem boasts a 200-hectare space hosting 66 towers and a 55,000 sqm community park. There are plenty of option when considering offices and residences, all of which are near the metro station, public transport and shopping centers.

Ease of Business & Strategic Location

The DMCC host companies from 20+ diverse sectors, so any business is possible here. Its strategic location and proximity to Jebel Ali Airport, seaports and it being just over an hour drive from Abu Dhabi gives businesses easy connection links.

The DMCC is located in Jumeirah Lake Towers which is a bustling community.

Other DMCC benefits

  • - 0% personal and corporate income tax
  • - 100% business ownership and capital repatriation
  • - Confidentiality
  • - Efficient communication
  • - Thriving business center
  • - Strategic global location
  • - Flexible solutions
  • - Residency visa

How SFM can assist you

SFM have over 15 years’ experience assisting individuals in global company formation. Company formation in DMCC can take as little as 10 days and we offer competitive and transparent pricing, complete confidentiality, assistance in application for your residency visa for you and your family and assistance in bank account opening. Minimum paid up capital for a DMCC company is AED 50,000.

If you would like more information on company formation in DMCC or would like to set up you company today, contact us directly.

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